Architectural Scale Models


Specializing in architectural models, and using innovative technology, our highly trained staff is able to reproduce buildings of any scale, down to the most minute detail.  Our custom architectural scale models  allow consumers, prospective buyers, corporate teams and the general public to visualize the new development in the most realistic form possible.

By incorporating a variety of mediums, we are able to authenticate any texture or material to produce the most realistic concepts.  From interior lighting, to the realistic effect of moving trees, to water control, and even interactive applications; Xortus is capable of incorporating it all in order to make the experience as effective as possible.

3D Prototypes


Xortus produces precise and tangible models that make the unimaginable a reality.  This can ultimately result in new product prototypes, film models/figures, medical/industrial prototypes, customized unique model concepts like cell phone cases, jewelry and so much more. Visit us before the full manufacture line starts.

Laser Cutting and Engraving


Xortus’ vast variety of laser cutters are able to cut through or engrave diverse materials such as acrylic, plastic, MDF, or wood, with a defined clear-cut edge.

With endless capabilities, from high-rise community sites, to single home developments, custom model prints and industrial prototypes; our company is able to cut and fabricate any design.