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With the latest in 3D printing and laser cutting technology, our company is able to provide, in a rapid time frame, the most advanced texture detail, definition and color specification, reproducing material samples in their most authentic form.

With endless capabilities, from high-rise community sites, to single home developments, custom model prints and industrial prototypes; our company is able to print, cut and fabricate any design.  Regardless of the scope and scale of any project, we are determined to exceed our clients’ expectations, focusing on the brand’s image and project specifications.    The possibilities are endless and our passion for excellence is what separates us from the rest.  Give us a call and inquire about our 3D printing capabilities!


At Xortus we are committed to delivering the

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Our Services



Architectural Scale Models


Specializing in architectural models, our innovative technology and trained staff are able to reproduce buildings of any scale, down to the finest detail.


Laser Cutting and Engraving


With our innovative laser cutters, our company is able to cut through diverse materials with a defining clear cut edge.


Industrial and Medical Model Prototypes


We are able to produce tangible, accurate and precise concept or mold of a new product, tool, medical prototype or whatever the model may be.








Family of Companies


Within the great relationship of these THREE companies, we are able to provide you with a one stop shop that delivers Photorealistic Renderings and Animation, REAL-Time Interactive, 3D Printing, Motion Graphics, Special Effects, Corporate Videos, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Motion Capture.



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